Business Planning, Consulting, & Advisory Services

Are you starting a business and concerned about choosing the right business entity?

We can help you navigate the maze of alternative business entity choices and determine the most advantageous form of operating your business.

What specific Business Entity Alternatives advisory services can Gilman & Co. offer me?

We will help you select a business structure designed to minimize taxes and accommodate both short and long-term goals of the business and its owners. Many businesses are established without fully considering the variety of alternative business entity forms, leading to unintended consequences or complications. We start with an understanding of your business plans. Will we then review and discuss with you the benefits and challenges of available business structure alternatives in a way that helps you select the most advantageous entity structure consistent with your personal and business plans.

What is Strategic Planning?

At Gilman & Co., we view Strategic Planning as the process of developing an action plan, which, like a road map, will guide an organization step-by-step toward the achievement of desirable, prioritized goals over a three to five-year time-frame.

How can I benefit from Gilman & Co.’s expertise in Strategic Planning?

Desirable results are best assured when goals are defined and effective strategies are developed to guide an organization toward achieving those results. Gilman & Co.’s professionals are experienced in facilitating development of a more focused definition of what an organization wants or needs, a more productive process of achievement, greater success, and a more measurable assessment of that success.

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